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Tofu Seaweed Wrap

Tofu Seaweed Wrap

Talk about the easy stackable wrap that doesn’t have much sugar or calories, we are making seaweed wrap with chargrilled tofu. It is a simple and tasty tofu wrap that anyone can make at home. I have been wanting to try this internet sensation for a while and now I finally got to try it.



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Seaweed sheets (big sheets)
Rice Paper Rolls
Firm Tofu
Sushi Rice
Light Soy Sauce
Rangoon Sunrise Roasted Chickpea Dressing
Rangoon Sunrise Extra Chilli Burmese Dressing

All about Preparation

This is a pretty easy dish that require no time to assemble, you can involve children as a fun cooking activity. Let’s prepare a few things ahead beforehand for this dish. Fry the tofu in the pan for a few minutes each till it cooked. Season with salt and pepper and light soy sauce for that chargrilled look. Set aside, cut cucumber into thin slices. Clean lettuces leaves, set aside. Cook the sushi rice according to the package instruction, let it cool in advance.

Laying the wrap

Laying out the wrap.

Pretty Avocado Slices

We all seen pretty avocado slices in cafes and Instagram. There is a set of steps to follow to get that look you always want. First, make sure to get that perfect, not too ripe, not too early too. peel the skin off after cut in half. Slice them with a good sharp knife, careful not to press the flesh too much.

The Sauce that takes to the next level

Today, I choose the combo of Extra Chilli Burmese Dressing for its delicious sesame and real fermented green tea taste and Sweet and Sour Roasted Chickpea. This completed the whole tofu seaweed wrap with all the savoury notes hit with creamy, sweet, tangy, pickle and chilli.

Drizzle roasted chickpea dressing

Drizzle sweet and tangy roasted chickpea and extra chilli burmese dressing

Gather up, FUN time!

You’ll need a clean space to lay seaweed on. Grab a medium bowl with water to dip the rice paper roll. Dip the rice paper roll for only a few seconds and lay onto the seaweed sheet. Cut an opening in the middle of sheet (as per photo) only up to the middle of the sheet like a slit. Now you have 4 mini sections to work with. Place 1-2 spoon of rice in the first section. Lay the chargrilled tofu on the next one, drizzle the extra chilli and roasted chickpea generously, sliced avocado on the third and lettuce and sliced cucumber as last. Now, roll the rice section and fold into the tofu, then to the avocado and lettuce. Cut in half and devour!

Rice section first
Wrapping tofu wrap
Cook’s Tip

Soaking the rice paper roll, it is a quick process that doesn’t need to look and feel too wet. Just dip and out should be enough for the rice paper to activate.

Rolling the seaweed wrap – Don’t worry about not being perfect, the fun is within the process. I had so much fun making even though some of the fillings came out.

Extra Chilli has a good amount of heat, switch to the original for mild heat level.