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Our Mission

"Connecting Communities"

Did you know that Australian dietary habits are most at risk according to recent research from the CSIRO? We are eating worse today though Australians are often perceived as fit.

Have you noticed that you choose to eat better yet get set back because everyday food contain lots and lots of sugar, saturated fat, & preservatives you can’t pronounce? From everyday bread to sauces and dressings contain sugar; added sugar, hidden sugar (can be mostly found in Zero Sugar products) saturated fat & high sodium.

Hi, I am Mimi, I’ve always loved fresh poke bowls as they are a delicious and balanced way to eat well. I have grown up with eating mixed bowls and love the variety of flavours, textures and experiences that are possible. I founded Rangoon Sunrise to connect communities through real food and balanced eating.

About Us

Our Story

"Freshly crafted"

In 2020, I started sharing my bowls with friends who now have became my biggest advocates that kept coming back for the layers of flavours and textures. From there, I have been in that madness phase of trying to capture these savoury flavours in a bottle. After many months of midnight blending (that kept my husband awake) I finally have made the dressings I love that hit all the right flavour notes. 

I believe eating better should be accessible to everyone. So, I made the biggest decision to devote myself to helping people achieve their dreams. After that, I quit my corporate job in finance to focus full-time on Rangoon Sunrise.

Soon, I was selling Rangoon Sunrise dressings through local farmer’s markets in the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges. Everyone loved the flavours and I’m proud that we’ve helped thousands of Aussies eat better. All our dressings are locally crafted with fresh ingredients. I also love sharing how to make Poke Bowls at home as it can sometimes be intimidating at first.

About Us

Our Inspiration

"Three generations"

My grandfather was a well-known merchant trading in savoury condiments from the port city of Rangoon in Burma. From warehousing to distributing across the entire country, he loved what he did.

My mother has told me of his story many times as I was growing up. He had moved to Rangoon after our great grandfather lost everything in a fire. At the time, he was only 11 and had this unparalleled love for condiments. He built a large scale empire from almost nothing having moved to the city as a young boy.

After Burma gained independence and the ensuing militiary coup much of his warehouses and businesses were impacted, greatly reducing the scale of his operations. His success inspired me to create authentic flavours for the Poke Bowls of today. 

About Us


"A better tomorrow"

We are mindful of the packaging we use, whether it be the glass bottles and cardboard packaging we use. We also produce in Australia for Australia minimising our freight and carbon footprint.  


About Us