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Thomas Keller Zucchini

Thomas Keller Zucchini

How it all started

Thomas Keller Zucchini – Recently, I was scrolling down my social media and found very cool recipe that is currently trendy. It is called Thomas Keller Zucchini and I have decided to try in my kitchen to share with all of you. I made some of my own spin for the creamy sesame dressing and I actually think it is a killer recipe. Most of all, I like how simple it is all about and I even made it simpler by switching the dressing with Rangoon Sunrise finished dressing. Yet our Rangoon Sunrise dressing is made freshly in Yarra Valley with natural ingredients and it is low sugar (hardly any to be honest, less than 1 %). You can use any of Rangoon Sunrise dressing but I used the original to showcase the pickle tea leaves and it was awesome.

Super Budget Friendly

This is the one dish you don’t need many ingredients. You can get all done and still not break your wallet. I made this all under $5 per person and yet satisfying meal. Oh, and a good dish to make people or children who don’t normally eat vegetables. The flesh is so meaty and juicy that you are completely content after that.

The Recipe

First you will need a medium sized Zucchini, 2 per person. Cut them lengthways with the head attached. Score crossword along with the kitchen knife. Marinate with generous amount of salt and leave it aside for 15 min. No rinsing required, just pat dry with paper towel or clean kitchen towel. Heat up a pan with oil in it. Place the flesh side down over a low-medium heat for about 7 min each side.

Drizzle The Original Burmese Salad Dressing over the Zucchini on the plate with flesh side up generously. Sprinkle the Burmese Salad Topper beans and garlic chips over for extra bite and final touch. That is all my friends, dinner is served under 20 min and a very budget friendly meal.

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2 Green Zucchini Medium sized


The Original Burmese Salad Dressing

Burmese Salad Topper

Coriander (Optional)