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Saucy Noodles

Extra Saucy Noodles

Talking about Noodles

Noodles have always been my comfort food throughout my life. Both my heritages of Chinese and Burmese, noodles play such an important role from breakfasts to quick snacks after school or evening dinners. You eat them in salads, fresh veggies and tempura with fresh salad dressings for every occasions. Or put them in soups and broths for perfect remedy for cold and wet rainy days. You can find many types of noodles from fresh, frozen to dried in my house anytime of the year. I would be panic if I have run out of any of them before my next shopping trip.

Saucy Noodles
Extra Saucy Creamy Wavy Noodles

One noodle dish I want to try out today is between a salad and pasta. Using Asian wavy noodles to get that chewiness from noodles. And coating of Roasted Chickpea Dressing over the noodles is the next level happiness. Roasted Chickpea dressing is one of our best sellers for its creamy sweet and tangy taste. It is also the only dressing we have chilli free.

Sweet and Tangy

Roasted Chickpea Dressing

Top it up with our homemade chilli oil from scratch so we are in control of spice level, type of oil, any flavour enhancers to add with crunchy broad beans, butter beans, 2 types of roasted peanuts, sesame and fragrant garlic chips.

DIY Chilli Oil

List of Ingredients

Wavy Noodles
Fresh Shitake Mushrooms
Minced Garlic
Egg Yolk
Cucumber Slices
Fresh Chillies
Rangoon Sunrise Roasted Chickpea Dressing
Rangoon Sunrise (Mimi’s Laphet) Salad Topper
Chilli Flakes
Salt & Pepper to taste

Sliced Shitake Mushrooms
Cooking Steps

Cook the noodles per instructions of the package. Drain and set aside. Slice fresh mushrooms, garlic. Sautee Garlic in hot pan with oil, add mushroom and cook them till they have changed colour or 4 min over medium heat. Separate the egg yolk and set aside in a small dish. In a mixing bowl, add noodles, egg yolk, chopped chives, mix using 2 spoons. (I used chopsticks and wasn’t best in this situation) Now, the noodles are starting to creamy but no flavours yet. Drizzle a generous amount of Roasted Chickpea Dressing for sweet and tangy and extra Sauciness.

Pour an egg yolk
Back in Demand (DIY CHILLI OIL)

Last week, I made dumplings with DIY chilli oil out of our Salad toppers and it was a hit with you guys. So, I am using this chilli oil in this week recipe not only because you guys asked more of it but also for the fragrant garlic and oil combination this SAUCCY noodles needs.
In a small jar, add chilli flakes, Mimi’s Laphet Salad Toppers. It is lightly seasoned with salt but you can add more salt into the mixture to your liking. In a hot pan, heat up your preferred oil till just hot. Pour the hot oil into the jar and mix through.


Shitake Mushrooms

Plate up with Saucy Noodles, more chives if you like, sauteed mushrooms, cucumber slices, fresh chilli, more dressing for extra Sauciness. Drizzle the chilli oil you made earlier with generous crunchy beans all over your Chewy Saucy Creamy Tangy Noodles. For the video of how I made this, go to our IG or Facebook @rangoonsunrise to watch full. Subscribe our newsletter, like our Facebook, follow our Instagram for more videos and recipes like this.

Cook’s Tip

Choosing oil for chilli oil – Most neutral oil like vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil are known for best smoking point. Some coconut oils and avocado oil are also good with high heat. Generally speaking, olive oil might not be great in this particular cooking.

How to get Extra Chewy Noodles – Cook the noodles according to the package but keep an eye closely as sometimes instructions are only guidance. Drain the cooked noodles in the colander, under cold water in the tap for a few minutes and rinse them carefully. This makes sure it locks the chewiness and freshness in and stop the cooking process right away.