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Recreating Famous Pepper Lunch under $15 at home

Restaurant quality Sizzling Steak Meal under $15

Bills , bills bills – no more under $15 Top Quality restaurant meal

Quality restaurant meal under $15 , how ? Eye Fillet Steak in a restaurant can easily priced from $45 to $65 these days. Stay with us to make Top Quality Sizzling Eye Fillet Steak dinner for under $15. Living costs are higher than ever with the increasing interest rates and higher rental costs. $100 could feed quality meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, fancy breakfast choices and some desserts for a family of 2 for a week just a few years ago but rising groceries are now everyone’s nightmares.

Healthy Quality Eye Fillet Dinner only under $15

First thing every family do is to cut or reduce expensive restaurant visits in order to stay within the budget. As the higher and higher of the restaurants bills, and families are looking for quality eat in recipes to recreate at home with fraction of the bill.

The sound of the sizzling meat on cast iron is making everyone hungry at Pepper Lunch restaurant. They are known for their sizzling angus porterhouse steak paired with fluffy rice, charred corns with spicy peppercorns on top. That dish alone costs $32.50 and steak is just porterhouse cut. Today, I am going to attempt to recreate the dish at home with the best quality cut of all steak – Eye Fillet but keep the budget under $15 ! It sounds like the perfect deal to entertain the family a healthy, quality meal at home while keeping that saving in my wallet.


Drizzling Rangoon Sunrise Extra Chilli to Eye Fillet

Drizzling Rangoon Sunrise Extra Chilli to Eye Fillet



Eye Fillet

Jasmine Rice

Corn kennels

Minced garlic

White and black peppers

Mimi’s Laphet Burmese Topper

Rangoon Sunrise Extra Chilli

A seasoned Cast Iron Pan

Black and White Pepper


Add Oil on the hot Cast Iron pan


Kitchen was filled with wonderful sizzling smell

You will need a well seasoned cast iron pan to do this dish to get that theater sizzling sound while eating. If you don’t have one, try with ceramic or stainlesss pan. I wouldn’t recommend non stick pan in this case but it can also be done if there isn’t other options. Add olive oil into the hot pan with medium heat. Once the oil is heated , add cut steak, cook for 4 min. Add corns, rice together with minced garlic.

Turn the steak after 4 min of sizzling

Turn the steak after 4 min of sizzling


Turn the steak to the other side to cook evenly and set the heat to higher towards the last 4 min to get the maximum sizzling. Stir rice and corns carefully to get that charred.





Turn off the heat and carefully place the whole pan to your dinning table. Be very careful as the pan is very hot, use kitchen towels and oven gloves to protect from unwanted skin burns. Add Mimi’s Laphet Burmese Crunch on top for extra crunch, drizzle the Rangoon Sunrise’s Extra Chilli Dressing all over the perfectly cooked sizzling steak for umami savoury flavour. The secret ingredient in Rangoon Sunrise dressing is fermented tea and it marries the flavour of steak perfectly with that pickled note.





Crack some black pepper over the sizzling steak and rice , I also used white pepper here for extra PEPPERY flavour but it is optional. Enjoy the charred garlic rice with corns and drizzle extra dressing over the sizzling steak for the best bite.




Only $15 to make this amazing sizzling eye fillet steak and you can recreate your restaurant style Friday night for a fraction of the bill.