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Mushrooms Stir Fry

Perfectly Sauteed Mushrooms Stir fry

We love good mushrooms dishes. Today we are making King Oyster, Shiitake & medley of mushrooms stir fry with rice noodle ( Mote Phat in burmese famous dish called Mohinga ).  Recipe video will be found on our IG reel , follow us there if you like to support more of these from us.

Culinary Histroy of Burmese Mote Phat

It is very amazed to see different usages of Mote Phat in a lot of south east asian countries. I have never thought that it was arguably originated from Burma to Thailand ( known as Khanom Jeen  ), Bun Cha in Vietnam or String Hoppers in Sri Lanka. I won’t be going details in this blog but if you are like me and curious about culinary history, you can watch how it travelled accross south east asian countries  from Burma here. Here my two cents for today, learning history is painful to remember what king invaded what countries in what years. It was a way of showing toxic muscularity that causes many lives and families displaced, children became orphans. How about we learn about what dishes were eaten where in when instead ? Would it be way more fun and interesting to integrate ways of lives ?

Natural Savoury rounded the mushrooms

How not to sweat mushroom in cooking

You remember that mushrooms in continental breakfast in hotels,that perfectly sauteed in butter with herbs on top? It is not easy to do when I tried to sautee on my own,nothing like those continental breakfasts, they were soggy or dry. Then, I have learnt how to cook perfect mushrooms and grew my confidience to do this tutorial. I started off with low heat on the pan, add butter and try not to burn it. Once I have kept butter melt nicely , add mushrooms. If you are using different mushrooms like I did in the recipe, start with toughest ones, Shiitake in this case and working towards the most delicate. Keep the heat low, shake the pan, coat all with butter or use spatula to get the same outcome. Turn off the heat, put the pan out of the heat is the last but critical to keep those fluffy mushrooms.


Sautee the mushrooms


Rice stick noodles or Mote Phat

King Oyster mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms

Mushroom medley

Light Soy Sauce

Unsalted butter

Rangoon Sunrise Extra Chilli Burmese Salad Dressing

Watercress ( optional )

Cucumber ( optional )


1 ) Heat the pan over the low heat. Melt the butter, careful it burns fast if your heat is high.

2 ) Add mushrooms starting from toughest if you are using variety of them. Coat them with butter by shaking the pan or using spectular.

3 ) A dash of light soy sauce goes into the pan and turn off the heat. Remove the pan from the heat.

4 ) Prepare the rice stick noodles according to the package instructions. Place them onto the plate.

5 ) Serve the mushrooms and noodles together with cucumber and watercress.

6 ) Coat with Rangoon Sunrise Extra Chilli on each bite or drizzle the dressing over the dish.

Natural Savory Flavour

Usually, I won’t be adding salt and pepper when I use our Burmese Salad Dressing range as it already has natural savory flavour from fermented green tea. The natural umami of fermented green tea is more like rounded savory that complete your dish , not like plain but very sharp saltiness that you get it from salt and other salt like seasoning. You can read more about how our natural fermented green tea leaves has prepared in our page.